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December 9, 2019
Your 2020 pilgrimage group awaits
I love opening registration envelopes and emails and dreaming about each new participant in one of our upcoming pilgrimage groups. Each registration represents another friendship, another pilgrim companion. See the entire newsletter….

November 14, 2019
Introducing our 2020 group pilgrimage adventures
After walking nearly 10,000 kilometers on pilgrimages in Europe over ten years I believe even more strongly in a lesson I learned on the first day — that the best part of a pilgrimage trek is meeting other pilgrims. See the entire newsletter….

February 17, 2016
Walk from Florence to Assisi this September and Go Back in Time
Our September 3-19 walk from Florence to Assisi allows pilgrims to enjoy sixteen unforgettable days in some of Central Italy’s most beautiful and historic towns. The walk begins in Florence, Capital of the Renaissance, walks through the Casetine National Forest and then carries pilgrims through beautiful Umbrian countryside to the beloved town of Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis. See the entire newsletter….

December 28, 2016
You can do it pilgrim! And we’re here to help.
Many people want to walk one of Europe’s historic pilgrimage routes, but the planning, study and, well, worry make it a daunting task. At Pilgrim Paths we do the hard work for you so that, instead of worrying, you can simply enjoy the pleasure of walking some of Europe’s most amazing pilgrimage itineraries. See the entire newsletter….

November 12, 2016
A pilgrimage walk is the best way to see the real Italy
The first time I was in Italy it was on a bus full of tourists. We were bused to notable sites, ate at large restaurants that can accommodate busloads of tourists like us, and then spent our overnights at corporate-style hotels alongside the freeway, a long way from the quaint streets of the ancient towns we visited. Years later, first in Spain and then in Italy, I discovered the practice of pilgrimage walking. I’ll never again pretend I can see a country from a bus window. The only way to really see a country is to really see it! See the entire newsletter…..

October 15, 2016
Fulfilling the dream of high-quality, accompanied pilgrimage walks in Italy
My goal in creating Pilgrim Paths is to provide great walking pilgrimage experiences for people who might not otherwise take a pilgrimage trek. Planning a long walk in a foreign country can feel daunting. By launching Pilgrim Paths and its 2017 menu of great Italian pilgrim itineraries, my goal is to take the hassle and worry out of walking treks so you can focus on the fabulous experience of exercise, learning and relaxation on a stunningly beautiful and deeply meaningful Italian pilgrimage. See the entire newsletter….

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