Pamplona to Burgos group walk: May 29-June 8, 2022

Easily one of the loveliest stretches of the Camino: from the world-famous Basque city of Pamplona to the gateway to the vast, high plains of Spain. The route crosses the world-famous La Rioja wine region, with an overnight in the Riojan capital of Logroño, center of Northern Spanish tapas culture. Hear the story of the miraculous chickens at Santo Domingo de la Calzada and finish in historic Burgos, home of the Spanish hero El Cid as well as the location of one of Spain’s most elaborate and beautiful medieval cathedrals. A 1/3 deposit reserves your place.

Sandy Brown leads the Pamplona-Burgos walk, and each participant receives a copy of his Camino de Santiago guidebook as part of their preparation package.
  • May 29, 2022 – Overnight in Pamplona– Gather at your hotel in this world famous Basque provincial capital to enjoy dinner and meet your fellow travelers. Marvel at the intact medieval walls or trace the course of the annual Running of the Bulls.
  • May 30, 2022 – Pamplona to Puente la Reina (24.4km/15.2miles)– A gentle climb up to Alto del Perdón provides sweeping views back to the Pyrenees and wide vistas ahead to the vast farmland of Western Navarre. Overnight at the medieval pilgrim town of Puente la Reina and enjoy is picturesque bridge and pilgrim church.
  • May 31, 2022 – Puente la Reina to Estella (21.6km/13.4miles)– A day spent walking on rolling hills among grain fields and vineyards with an overnight at picturesque Estella.
  • June 1, 2022 – Estella to Los Arcos (21.6km/13.4miles)– Free wine is on tap at the Irache Winery and afterward transit on rolling hills through vineyards and farmland. Quiet Los Arcos hosts one of the most elaborate Baroque church interiors in Northern Spain.
  • June 2, 2022 – Los Arcos to Logroño (28.2km/17.5miles)– Cross into the Spanish wine region of La Rioja, passing through medieval Viana for lunch and arriving at Logroño, self-proclaimed culinary capital of Spain and site of Calle Laurel, home of La Rioja’s tapas culture.
  • June 3, 2022 – Logroño to Nájera (28.5km/17.7miles)– The extravagant altarpiece at Navarette is a showpiece of golden religious iconography, then the riverfront cafes and quiet streets and museums of the Old City of Nájera offer an outdoor rest or a quiet walk among tombs of the Kings of Navarre.
  • June 4, 2022 – Nájera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada (22.1km/13.7miles)– The vineyards transition to fields of grain under wide open skies before arriving at the majestic Cathedral of Santo Domingo, site of the famed chicken miracle.
  • June 5, 2022 – Santo Domingo to Belorado (22.5km/14.0miles) –Beautiful views of rolling hills and frequent villages allow walkers ample stops to refuel before arriving at the round, central plaza of Belorado, overlooked by ruins of its medieval castle.
  • June 6, 2022 – Belorado to San Juan de Ortega (24.0km/14.9miles) –The forest of the Montes de Oca once held wolves and bandits that preyed on pilgrims, but now it is a pleasant, shaded walk, punctuated by the Monastery of San Juan de Ortega and its window that shines on the statue of the Virgin at the equinox.
  • June 7, 2022 – Agés to Burgos (23.2km/14.4miles) –The quiet countryside slowly turns to vibrant city, culminating in the charming center city of Burgos, with its UNESCO World Heritage cathedral and fascinating Museum of Human Evolution.
  • June 8, 2022 – Depart Burgos– Plan to return next year for another 2-week leg of the multi-year journey to Santiago de Compostela.

Price includes overnight accommodation, breakfast each morning, all dinners (except Logrono’s “Tapas/Pincho Exploration” and baggage transfer. Your tour host and guide is Sandy Brown, pilgrim guidebook author. A 1/3 deposit reserves your place.


Sarria to Santiago group walk: June 9-16, 2022

See an ancient castro fortress, tour a church moved stone-by-stone up from a flooded town, and see the tomb of the Apostle Saint James — all in the Holy Year of 2022. At 114km from Santiago de Compostela, all pilgrims who walk from Sarria to Santiago’s cathedral can receive an official Compostela completion certificate. Our group tour covers the distance in six relaxed days of walking through gently undulating green hills and vales on wide paths with comfortable footing. With an abundance of services this is a perfect walk for a first-time pilgrim, who is rewarded with great food, lots of companionship, and the joyful experience of arriving in Santiago.

June 9, 2022 – Gather in Sarria, Spain: Over dinner in your hotel meet your guide, experienced pilgrim and musician Luke Brown, and meet your fellow pilgrim walkers who’ll join you for your upcoming days on the Camino.

June 10, 2022 – Sarria to Portomarín (23.0km/14.3miles): A mellow day spent walking among pastures, alongside centuries-old stone fences, and inside medieval churches. The walk ends in Portomarín, once a riverside village, now a modern town moved uphill to escape the encroaching hydroelectric dam reservoir on the Rio Miño. Tour the amazing church/fortress of San Xoán before your evening meal.

Luke Brown hosts this tour, and brings his guitar and musical talent as well as his pilgrim experience.

June 11, 2022 – Portomarín to Palas de Rei (25.3km/15.7miles): Shaded by eucalyptus trees, the wide path carries walkers past the amazing 2500 castro/fortress at Castromaior. End the day in Palas de Rei (Palace of the King), a village said to have been founded by the Visigoth King Witiza in the 8th c.

June 12, 2022, Palas de Rei to Melide (15.1km/9.4km) Melide, famous for is delicious pulpo (octopus), makes a perfect place to relax after a short and easy stage. After enjoying your midday meal, head to the 14th c San Pedro de Melide church in Melide’s old town and plan to relax in the afternoon before a delicious group dinner.

June 13, 2022 – Palas de Rei to Arzúa (14.5km/18.4miles): Sleep in before this short and easy stage, then refresh your feet along the way with a foot bath in the river at Ribadiso da Baixo. Continue on to your day’s end at Arzúa and enjoy the afternoon at a street cafe or exploring the back streets of this ancient and modern crossroads town.

June 14, 2022 – Arzúa to O Pedrouzo (19.7km/12.2miles): Anticipation begins to build as you near Santiago. The day is filled with walks among eucalyptus forests, through small clusters of dairy farm with their buildings gathered together into tiny villages, and on wide paths alongside the ancient roadway, now highway N-547.

June 15, 2022 – O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela (20.0km/12.4miles): Your final walking day, with two low hills separating your from your journey’s goal. Circumnavigate the Santiago airport on wooded pathways, stop at Lavacolla, the village historically linked with pilgrims making their final preparation for Santiago, and then walk through new Santiago into the old town with its cluster of historic buildings and churches. An early departure allows for attendance at the noon Mass in the Cathedral. Afterward, take your time to receive your compostela at the pilgrim office and to rest before the evening meal and celebration.

June 16, 2022 – Depart Santiago or Optional Tour of the City: Either depart Santiago or take the optional €25 morning city/cathedral tour with a local guide. Consider joining our June 17-22, 2022 walk to Finisterre and Muxia on the sparkling Atlantic Coast.

Santiago to Finisterre and Muxía group walk: June 16-22, 2022

The walk from Santiago to the Atlantic adds another dimension to the Camino pilgrimage as it transports you from medieval Santiago to the edge of Europe. Romans and Celts are said to have journeyed here to find renewal in the never-ending crash of waves or the deep orange and red of the sunset. The distances are sometimes long and the weather wet, but two quaint villages await at journey’s end – Finisterre, just 3km from dramatic Cape Finisterre, and Muxía, a smaller town with its own seaspray showered cape. This unforgettable tour is led by Luke Brown, experienced pilgrim and musician, who will play his guitar and sing for you as the sun sets over the Atlantic.

June 16, 2022 – Gather in Santiago: Over dinner we will orient you to the upcoming days’ adventures. Overnight in Santiago.

June 17, 2022 – Santiago to Negreira (21.2km/13.2miles): Look back to a vista of Santiago de Compostela not often seen by Camino pilgrims, then turn toward the emerald green walk among small farms until your overnight at the town of Negreira.

An accomplished guitarist, singer and composer, Luke’s music adds to the beauty and meaning of each pilgrim walk he leads.

June 18, 2022 – Negreira to Olveiroa (34.5km/21.4miles): The journey’s longest day will test your stamina, but the green terrain is a feast for the eyes and a rest for the soul. Small towns and green hayfields mark the path, with an overnight at the farming village of Olveiroa.

June 19, 2022 – Olveiroa to Corcubión (21.7km/13.5miles): Much of the day is spent in forest preserves among windswept trees, their growth stunted by the constancy of winds off the sea. From a vista above the ocean see your first glimpses of Cape Finisterre. Walk through the fishing town of Cée and then overnight in the quaint seaside town of Corcubión.

June 20, 2022 – Corcubión to Finisterre (10.7km/6.6miles): The short stage allows a late start from your hotel. Climb the ridge and find the first of several beaches leading to the town of Finisterre. Weather permitting, take off your shoes and walk in the waters of the Atlantic on 2km-long Langosteira Beach. After dinner, head on the 6km roundtrip walk out to the cape to enjoy sunset over the Cape. Overnight in Finisterre.

June 21, 2022 – Finisterre to Muxía (29.5km/18.3km): Often within site of isolated ocean beaches, this undulating walk culminates in the seaside village of Muxía, the place where tradition holds that the Virgin Mary came to Spain to help Saint James on his missionary journey. After dinner, head to Santa Maria della Barca, a church built right at the stony point overlooking the crashing waves of the Atlantic. Overnight in Muxia.

June 22, 2022 – Muxia to Santiago: After breakfast you’ll take the van service from Muxia back to Santiago and either have an optional overnight or head on to your next destination after an unforgettable walk to the sea.

Lucca to Siena group walk: June 12-19, 2022

Pilgrims walk 6 days and stay 7 nights beginning inside the UNESCO-World Heritage walls of historic Lucca and ending in glorious Renaissance Siena. This unforgettable walk takes pilgrims on the Via Francigena through some of the most quaint and best-preserved medieval Italian towns — all surrounded by the spectacular rolling hills of Tuscany. This is the region of focaccia bread and rich red wines and many other gastronomic delicacies. Bring your appetite and camera.

Our van transports baggage each day and is also available if you’d like to reduce the length of your walk.
  • June 12, 2022 – Gather in Lucca. Overnight in Lucca (optional Lucca tour). Lucca has been called by some a “smaller Florence.” Inside its medieval walls the town is beautifully preserved with quiet streets full of shops and charming restaurants. The Duomo is spectacular in its intricate stone work. We meet at our hotel in the evening for an orientation and delicious dinner.
  • June 13, 2022 – Lucca to Altopascio (18.3km/11.4miles, rated Easy). Altopascio also features a charming medieval quarter with lively cafes and restaurants. Rather than being a tourist town, Altopascio is a place where local Italians live, work and play. The day’s walk is on quiet, flat paved roads and is a good warm up for upcoming walks.
  • June 14, 2022 – Altopascio to San Miniato (28.7km/17.8miles, rated Average). The enormous tower of San Miniato can be seen for many miles around and was erected as a beacon to pilgrims on the Via Francigena. Today’s stage includes a long walk through a forested nature reserve.
  • June 15, 2022 – San Miniato to Gambassi Terme (24.1km/15miles, rated Average). Now the vast rolling hills open up and this very picturesque day carries pilgrims through beautiful farmland with constant, sweeping vistas of Tuscan countryside.
  • June 16, 2022 – Gambassi Terme to San Gimignano (13.7km/8.5miles, rated Easy). San Gimignano is noted as one of Italy’s best-preserved medieval towns, with dozens of towers where prosperous medieval families stored their treasures.
  • June 17, 2022 – San Gimignano to Monteriggioni (27.4km/17miles, rated Challenging). Monteriggioni is a fully walled medieval village atop a rounded mountain. The challenging but beautiful walk can be shortened with a van ride at the start or end of the day.
  • June 18, 2022 – Monteriggioni to Siena (20.6km/12.8miles, rated Average). There are few words worthy to describe Siena. Inside its medieval walls there are world-renowned treasures of medieval and Renaissance art, capped off by a stunningly beautiful cathedral at its heart.
  • June 19, 2022 – Tour and depart Siena. Our time together ends with breakfast at the hotel followed by a morning tour of the city.
    • Option #1 Remain an extra night in Siena to enjoy this wonderful, medieval city (price TBA). Option #2: Extend your walk by continuing to Rome (see our Siena-Rome group walking tour). 

This trip includes: Nightly hotel accommodations in 4-star or best available facilities, daily breakfast and dinner, baggage service, van service, and leadership by certified hiking guide Giovanni Ramaccioni and pilgrim author Sandy Brown. Prices do not include air or ground travel to and from start and finish points or lunch each day. Itineraries subject to possible change. Terms and conditions apply.

Photo opposite: top of the facade of the Lucca cathedral.

Siena to Rome group walk: June 19-July 3, 2022

During the 12 days of walking and 13 overnights on the Via Francigena, pilgrims can climb the heights of the walled cities of Radicofani and Acquapendente or find gastronomic treasures in the narrow streets of Viterbo. The highlight of the walk is the triumphant entry to Rome where you will receive an official Testimonium from the Vatican which honors you for your pilgrimage walk to the See of St. Peter. Van service and a certified Italian hiking guide are included in the package, and Via Francigena guidebook author Sandy Brown will accompany the group.

Our van is available to pick you up if you’d like to shorten your day..
  • June 19, 2022 – Gather, overnight in Siena (optional Siena tour). Stroll the Piazza del Campo, shop among the trendy stores of the Old City or hunt for gastronomic delicacies in one of Italy’s most popular and beloved cities.
  • June 20, 2022 – Siena to Buonconvento (30.3km/18.8miles, rated Challenging). Siena fades into the distance as today’s stage stretches out over gently rolling hills on quiet gravel roads, ending at Buonconvento, considered by some to be one of the most beautiful villages of Tuscany.
  • June 21, 2022 – Buonconvento to San Quirico d’Orcia (18.1km/11.2miles, rated Average). A stop at the village of Torrenieri punctuates this walk through vineyards to lovely San Quirico d’Orcia where outdoor cafes and boutique shops await you.
  • June 22, 2022 – San Quirico d’Orcia to Radicofani (32.9km, 20.5miles, rated Very Challenging). World famous hot springs at Bagno Vignoni offer an interesting early rest stop before the long uphill to the grey medieval stone walls of beloved Radicofani. Ask the van driver for a lift so you have time to explore the dramatic medieval fortress castle that stands guard above the hilltop town.
  • June 23, 2022 – Radicofani to Acquapendente (23.1km, 14.4miles, rated Average). A long downhill on quiet gravel roads through the countryside on the way to a quick uphill climb arriving at charming, working class Acquapendente.
  • June 24, 2022 – Acquapendente to Bolsena (23.2km, 14.4miles, rated Average). The rolling hills now flatten out to wide plains before arriving at the medieval fortress walls of lakeside Bolsena. Save time to explore the castle ramparts before losing yourself in the labyrinthine streets.
  • June 25, 2022 – Bolsena to Montefiascone (16.4km, 10.2miles, rated Average). Nothing compares to the view after the climb to the top of Montefiascone’s Rocca di Papi where you can both see across vast Lake Bolsena and in the opposite direction begin to see a hint of Rome on the horizon.
  • June 26, 2022 – Montefiascone to Viterbo (18.1km, 11.2miles, rated Average). Today’s walk is partly on 2000 year old Roman road with worn-in ruts showing long use for travel and commerce. Once inside Viterbo’s walls you discover hidden cafes, bars and restaurants in a town not focused on tourism but happy to retain its medieval charm nevertheless.
  • June 27, 2022 – Viterbo to Vetralla (16.8km, 10.4miles, rated Easy). One last mountain stands between us and Rome and we skirt along its western flank to tiny Vetralla. There’s time today to deviate off the trail and explore an ancient Etruscan tomb and the ruins of Ponte Camillario, a bridge built in Roman times.
  • June 28, 2022 – Vetralla to Sutri (24.0km, 14.9miles, rated Easy). Much of the day is spent in shaded walks under umbrella pine trees, and a special treat of this stage is the presence of Etruscan sites, particularly the Ancient Etruscan City at Sutri. Explore the ruins of a Roman amphitheater carved out of living rock and enjoy the charms of cafe life in Sutri’s historic center.
  • June 29, 2022 – Sutri to Campagnano di Roma (27.7km/17.2miles rated Easy). Enjoy the waterfalls of Monte Gelato and the unusual circular church at Monterosi. The day ends at Campagnano di Roma, a country town favored for centuries as a weekend retreat for Roman officials. Outside the Porta di Roma city gates experience the joyful hubbub of intergenerational evening street life in a Lazio town.
  • June 30, 2022 – Campagnano di Roma to La Storta (24.2km/15miles, rated Avg). Enjoy the historic center of picturesque Formello, and walk through Parco Veio, which preserves Etruscan ruins from the time before the Roman Empire. End the day’s walk in suburban La Storta, site of Ignatius Loyola’s vision that led to the founding of the Jesuit order.
  • July 1, 2022 – La Storta to the Vatican. Overnight Rome (19.2km/11.9miles, rated Easy). We take the quiet road into the Eternal City and enter with a breathtaking view of St. Peter’s and the Vatican. After receiving our testimonia certificates we linger at the Basilica of St. Peter and before dinner have a joyful glass of Proseco to celebrate our triumphal arrival.
  • July 2, 2022 – Tour Rome. A local guide shows us the highlights of the ancient and medieval city, with tours of St John Lateran, Santa Maria Maggiore, the Forum and Coliseum. Farewell dinner at our hotel near the Vatican.
  • July 3, 2022 – Depart Rome – All roads lead to Rome, they say, and we pray that sometime our road will bring us back to the beautiful, historic and holy city.

This trip includes: Nightly hotel accommodations in 2-star or better facilities, daily breakfast and dinner, baggage service, van service, and leadership by guidebook author Sandy Brown. Prices do not include air or ground travel to and from start and finish points or lunch each day. Itineraries subject to possible change. Terms and conditions apply.

Florence to Assisi group walk: September 5-21, 2022

After enjoying the capital of the Renaissance, figuratively step back in time to ancient forests and monasteries of the Middle Ages. The beautiful Casentino National Forest is the setting and St Francis’s beloved Santuario della Verna atop serene Mount Penna with its active Franciscan convent is the first goal. His hometown is the final destination. In between, walk among the towns and forests that were his inspiration, including the town of Gubbio where he made peace with the wolf, and Montecasale where he converted the three thieves. At Valfabbrica he was robbed and stripped and of course, at Assisi he was born and was buried. No itinerary brings you closer to the person and the legend that walking from Florence to Assisi on the Way of St Francis.

Our van service carries our bags each day and is also available to pick you up if you’d like to shorten the day’s walk.
  • September 5, 2022 – Gather, overnight in Florence – Capital of the Renaissance, gather here to meet other participants and orient yourself to the walk.
  • September 6, 2022 – Florence to Pontassieve (18.9km/11.7miles) – Walk along the quiet banks of the Arno River among locals.
  • September 7, 2022 – Pontassieve to Consuma (17.8km/11.1miles) – Vineyards turn to forests as you climb to the first reaches of the Casentino National Forest where you’ll remain for the next days.
  • September 8, 2022 – Consuma to Stia (17.0km/10.6miles) – Almost exclusively on paths and gravel roads, see the green side of Tuscany and the first hints of breathtaking mountain views. Sita stands at the headwaters of the Arno amidst forests of oak, birch and pine.
  • September 9, 2022 – Stia to Camaldoli (16.6km/10.3miles)– For over 1000 years monks and hermits have called Camaldoli their home. See their chapels and shop among their soaps and medicinal herbs at Camoldoli Hermitage and Monastery.
  • September 10, 2022 – Camaldoli to Badia Prataglia (15.0km/9.3miles) – Take the van uphill for a visit to the Camaldoli Hermitage where hermit monks live and pray to this day, then walk among forests to the lovely resort town of Badia Prataglia, nestled in a narrow valley of the Casentine forest. See the 1000 year old crypt, last remnant of the abbey from which Badia Prataglia gets its name.
  • September 11, 2022 – Badia Prataglia to Santuario della Verna (20.1km/12.5miles) – Take the van for a brief trip to the start of the hike, then walk across the Madrioli Pass with views of the Adriatic Sea in good weather to Monte Penna, site of the beloved Santuario della Verna, a functioning Franciscan convent and one of Italy’s holiest places.
  • September 12, 2022 – Santuario della Verna to Pieve Santo Stefano (15.2km/9.4miles) – After a downhill walk on forested paths the Tiber Valley opens up and the mountain town of Pieve Santo Stefano welcomes us.
  • September 13, 2021 – Pieve Santo Stefano to Sansepolcro (24.3km/15.1miles) –Take the van to the Viamaggio Pass, then walk mostly downhill in forests to Sansepolcro, stopping along the way at Montecasale, one of the oldest St Francis sites, where the saint converted three thieves. Athletic walkers can begin walk to Viamaggio, stopping at the 8th c Cerbaiolo hermitage to see this beautifully restored site that was given to St Francis in 1216 and was an overnight stay for St Anthony of Padua.
  • September 14, 2022 – Sansepolcro to Citerna (12.7km/7.9miles)- A flat walk through farms ending with a short climb up to the walled, hilltop town of Citerna with its sweeping views of the Tiber Valley and the mountains beyond.
  • September 15, 2022 – Citerna to Città di Castello (20.3km/12.6miles)- A green day of farms nurturing sunflowers. Climb the famed cylindrical tower at Città di Castello and enjoy the delicacies of this picturesque town. Dinner is not included at Città di Castello so you have an opportunity to explore the gastronomic pleasures of this beautiful Umbrian town.
  • September 16, 2022 – Città di Castello to Pietralunga (29.8km/18.5miles)- From the Tiber Valley climb a pass toward the Chiascio Alto, the headwaters of the river that waters Assisi, before your overnight at medieval Pietralunga. It’s a “pizza experience” in Pietralunga, where we order off the menu in a traditional pizzeria.
  • September 17, 2022 – Pietralunga to Gubbio (26.5km/16.5miles) – Everyone loves medieval Gubbio, the town of the Ceri races, the wolf tamed by Francis, and acrobatic funicular that ascends to Basilica San Ubaldo above the settlement.
  • September 18, 2022 – Gubbio to Biscina (22.7km/14.1miles) – The Chiascio River drains these forested hillsides among castles and convents ending in a hostel stay in a former hermitage.
  • September 19, 2022 – Biscina to Valfabbrica (15.9km/9.9miles) – Lake Valfabbrica is a constant companion as you near beautiful Assisi.
  • September 20, 2022 – Valfabbrica to Assisi (13.4km/8.3miles) – Climb the ridge separating the two towns and see Assisi’s Rocca Maggiore and then the beloved Basilica San Francesco. Receive the final stamp on our pilgrim passports and then your testimoniumthat confirms completion of your pilgrimage walk. A 6:00 mass in the Basilica welcomes all pilgrims. Afterward toast your accomplishment over a beautiful dinner with your pilgrim companions.
  • September 21, 2022 – Depart Assisi – (overnight option, tour option) You’ve had a memorable pilgrimage in unforgettable scenery accompanied all the way by the memory and spirit of St. Francis.

Assisi to Rome group walk: Sept 22 – Oct 7, 2022

Walk among vineyards and olive groves through the region St Francis loved, stopping at key sites in his life. See where he heard his call to poverty, where he spoke to the Pope, where he received his vision and look at a letter written in his own hand. Visit serene lakes and enjoy mountain vistas, then feel the mists of the thundering waters of the largest human-made waterfall. When it is all over, arrive at the incomparable Eternal City of Rome to enjoy an unforgettable pilgrimage made more real because you walked to get there.  

Like a shorter day? Our van is available to pick you up!
  • September 21, 2022 – Gather, overnight in Assisi (optional Assisi tour).The beautiful hometown of St. Francis is one of the most beloved pilgrim sites in all the world.
  • September 22, 2022 – Assisi to Spello (easier: 13.8km/8.6miles; harder: 17.6km/10.9miles) –The climb on Assisi’s Mount Subasio offers spectacular views of the Tiber River Valley. Choose this for its views or stay below in the easier and still scenic route among olive groves.
  • September 23, 2022 – Spello to Trevi (19.1km/11.9miles) – Onto the valley floor now, enter Foligno, where Francis sold his father’s cloth to raise money to rebuild the Church of San Damiano then climb to delightful Trevi famous for its beautiful views.
  • September 24, 2022 – Trevi to Spoleto (easier: 19.1km/11.9miles; harder: 27.6km/17.2miles) – Either descend to the valley floor for a quiet walk along a flat bike path or take the longer mountainside option through Poreta. Spoleto is a cultural capital of Umbria as it hosts the annual Due Mondi festival that attracts the world’s finest classical musicians each year; its cathedral houses a hand-written letter of St Francis.
  • September 25, 2022 – Spoleto to Macenano (20.4km/12.7miles) – A brisk 45-min climb takes you to the Monteluco Franciscan convent, and then a long downhill wilderness trail leads along dramatic gorges into the Valnerina recreational area. Overnight at the ancient Abbey of San Pietro in Valle (when available).
  • September 26, 2022 – Macenano to Arrone (10.4km/6.5miles) – A perfectly restful day with a quiet, flat walk along a green mountain-bike path to the charming Umbrian hill town of Arrone.
  • September 27, 2022 – Arrone to Piediluco (15.2km/9.4miles) – Leave later in the morning so you can arrive when the waters are flowing at majestic Cascata delle Marmore, a waterfall on the Velino River made by the Romans over 2000 years ago. Walk alongside the Velino River to quiet Piediluco, home to the Italian National Crew Team.
  • September 28, 2022 – Piediluco to Poggio Bustone (21.8km/13.5miles) – Atop a mountain stands the 800-year old Beech Tree of St Francis. The day ends in Poggio Bustone, site of the cave where St. Francis had two visions that would change his life.
  • September 29, 2022 – Poggio Bustone to Rieti (17.7km/11.0miles) – A quiet and verdant walk to the gorgeous village of Cantalice and then the sanctuary of La Foresta where legend attributes a key miracle to St. Francis. End the day in Rieti, an important stop on the ancient Roman salt road.
  • September 30, 2022Rieti Rest Day – optional trip to Greccio and Fontecolombo, key St Francis sites in the Rieti Valley, and optional tour of Rieti. Dinner is on your own this evening so you can explore the restaurant scene of this historic town on the Salt Road.
  • October 1, 2022 – Rieti to Poggio San Lorenzo (21.8km/13.5miles) – Walk along the ancient Roman Salt Road through quiet farms of the Sabine Region to tiny Poggio San Lorenzo.
  • October 2, 2022 – Poggio San Lorenzo to Ponticelli (21.6km/13.4miles) – An up-and-down day of forested ridges, olive groves and sheep pastures with views to castles and quiet villages. Overnight at 15th c Castello Orsini.
  • October 3, 2022 – Ponticelli to Montelibretti (13.2km/8.2milesl) – The mountains begin to spread out before you and the hills begin to flatten as you prepare for the broad Tiber Valley ahead.
  • October 4, 2022 – Montelibretti to Monterotondo (16.6km/10.3miles) – Although Rome is near, the path carries you through lush nature preserves, away from traffic and city life. In clear weather the first glimpse of St. Peter’s can be seen in the far distance.
  • October 5, 2022 – Monterotondo to Monte Sacro (19.3km/12.0miles)- With some sadness leave nature behind and walk the second half of this day through Roman suburbs to a comfortable lodging in the Monte Sacro district of Rome.
  • October 6, 2022 – Monte Sacro to the Vatican (15.4km/9.6miles) – Follow quiet bicycle paths until the right moment to dive into the city, walking through Piazza del Popolo and on the edge of Piazza Navone. Cross the Bridge of Angels and take the first steps out of Rome into Vatican City at the doors of the Basilica of Saint Peter, our journey’s goal.
  • October 7, 2022 – Depart Rome – With your testimonium in hand and your mind full of memories say goodbye to Rome. This pilgrimage through the Roman countryside in the places beloved by St. Francis stays vivid in your mind for a lifetime of cherished memories. Optional Rome Tour (inquire for details)


Concierge Service – Custom Self-Guided Pilgrimage Tours

Our travel concierge service helps you enjoy your trip and skip the hassle. We organize your schedule, reserve your hotels and baggage service, coordinate your ground transportation, and free you to enjoy yourself rather than fussing over details.

We offer concierge service on these itineraries:

  • Camino de Santiago – Camino Francés from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela on the Camino Francés
  • Camino De Santiago – Camino Portugués
  • Camino Finisterre from Santiago to Finisterre and Muxía
  • Via Francigena from Lausanne to Rome
  • Via di Francesco from Florence to Assisi and Rome

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Click here to read our Concierge Service Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions

At registration, all participants must affirm that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions listed below:

Nature of Pilgrimage and Accommodations: Pilgrim Paths organizes religious and cultural travel itineraries in the pilgrimage walking tradition. Accommodations are based on double occupancy and these itineraries will utilize modest properties ranging from B&Bs to 3-star hotels in larger cities.

Participant Responsibilities: As a member of a Pilgrim Path walking group you have responsibility to Pilgrim Paths and to other group members, including:

  1. Selecting a walk appropriate to your physical abilities and being in sufficient good health and fitness to complete the walk. If you have any medical or physical conditions that are likely to affect your capability to do this walk, or adversely affect the experience of other participants, you must submit a letter from your medical doctor stating that you are capable of participating in this walk.
  2. Preparing for your walk by reading all the information on the website and material sent to you by Pilgrim Paths, especially that relating to the daily walking stages, accommodation, transport and the role of the Group Leader.
  3. Respecting the other members in your group, especially the Group Leader, as well as the laws, customs, traditions and culture of the areas visited.
  4. Complaining to other group members can create a negative environment and spoil the tour for other members, so we ask all participants to speak directly to the Group Leader as soon as possible so any issues can be resolved.

At the Group Leader’s discretion, a member may be asked to leave the group if the leader feels that the person´s further participation may be detrimental to other group members or to the individual.

Passports and Visas: Participants must carry with them a valid passport with the necessary visa as required by local law. Any information from Pilgrim Paths regarding visa applications is only a guideline. The participant is responsible for all necessary visa and legal documentations, noting that European Union (Schengen) visa requirements apply and may vary depending on the country of origin.

Price: The published price per person includes only ground transportation published on the itinerary (from starting point to ending point of the walk only); luggage transfer service; lodging (per person at double-occupancy); breakfast each day and dinner most days; and the presence of a qualified group leader. The price does not include airfare, lunch each day (estimate €15/day), occasional dinners out (usually 1-2 nights per tour), recommended travel insurance, personal expenses, or anything not expressly stated on the itinerary. Tips for the tour leader and assistant are not allowed, but a tip for the in-country hiking guide, when part of the tour, is often expected.

Payment Information: A deposit of 33% is required to secure a reservation and $500 is non-refundable but transferable to another Pilgrim Paths itinerary. The final payment is due 90 days prior to departure. Payment can be made by e-commerce site (with additional fees), personal check or money order. Trip prices and costs are listed in EURO and translation to other currencies is based on Yahoo Finance conversion rates, which fluctuate daily.

Cancellations: Minimum group size is 8 participants. If an itinerary fails to meet its minimum, Pilgrim Paths may cancel the group up to 90 days before departure.

If a participant cancels 90 days or more before departure, all payments will be refunded except $500 of your deposit which is transferable to another trip with Pilgrim Paths adventure. If the cancellation is made fewer than 90 days before departure, the following non-refundable charges are added to the $500 withheld by Pilgrim Paths:

  • 15% 31-90 days before departure
  • 25% 15- 30 days
  • 50% 8- 14 days
  • 75% 4- 7 days
  • 90% up to 3 days
  • 100% at less than 3 days, no-show, interruption

These mandatory charges are included in order to cover the cost to Pilgrim Paths of subcontractors who have required advance payment in order to confirm bookings. Other terms and conditions may apply at registration.

Release and Assumption of Risk: I understand and agree that during the tour in which I will participate, under the arrangements of Pilgrim Paths, certain risks and dangers may arise, including, but not limited to, acts of God, the hazards of the forces of nature (including but not limited to animal or insect bites), dangers and risks inherent in trekking activities (including but not limited to falls or injuries), and accident or illness in remote places without access to medical facilities, transportation, pandemics, or means of rapid evacuation and assistance. Pilgrim Paths shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused to any traveler in connection with any of the above, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside the travel company’s control. Traveler assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases the agent from any duty of, and all safety or security conditions at such destinations.

In consideration of, and as a part of the payment for, the right to participate in such treks, tours, expeditions, or other activities and as a part of the payment for, the services arranged for me by Pilgrim Paths and its agents, employees, associates, affiliated companies, or subcontractors, I do hereby expressly assume all of the above risks.

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