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Our Approach

Our goal is to do everything necessary for you to enjoy an unforgettable pilgrimage on one of the great pilgrim routes of Europe. Our group excursions are limited to twelve selected participants whose presence fill the days with laughter and conversation as your steps along the way build lifelong friendships. Our Concierge Service can also tailor-make your pilgrimage itinerary for a trouble-free self-guided tour.

In the spirit of pilgrimage, we stay in modest hotels, and to give the best possible experience we carefully choose center-city locations that put us right into the cultural and historical milieu of the great villages and cities along the trails. When available, we overnight in atmospheric and historic settings that speak better than words what life was like in centuries past. The results are extraordinary pilgrimage experiences that could only be assembled by a knowledgeable team that has carefully made the wisest choices from among the best options available.

To make our walks and rides as carefree as possible we take a load off your back by including baggage service each day through local providers. We provide all translation services as necessary and can also advise pilgrims about the best flights and ground transport in order to save money and time on a pleasant journey to and from Europe.

Our packages are carefully crafted to provide most all of what pilgrims will need. Accommodations are provided each evening, breakfast is included each morning and most dinners on the trip are included, except in certain larger towns where participants are encouraged to explore the local cuisine. The fee includes daily walking guides, maps and GPS tracks.

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